Flexible Me

Teaching is sometimes an exercise in logistics and a great example happened this weekend. I usually teach a Saturday but this week I wanted to participate in the 11km Coastal Challenge run.

That meant I had the choice of either cancelling all Saturday lessons or rescheduling them. I suggested to everyone to come on Sunday instead, and luckily all but one was able to do so.

So far, so good.

The one that couldn’t hasn’t been able to do Saturdays all February because of robotics competitions (that’s a great excuse), so we’ve been doing make up lessons for 1 hour on Tuesdays. I’m gutted that that’s my free evening gone, but oh well.

Then there were two students that couldn’t come to their Thursday lesson this week so I suggested, “come on Sunday this week.” So my five Thursday students dwindled to three, but luckily the two were able to move to Sunday this week.

Then I got a call from a sick student saying they couldn’t do the Sunday lesson so I suggested they come on Tuesday, which would be after the other student’s make-up lesson.

And during the week I got a text message from a parent requesting that their son reschedule their usual Saturday class to a Thursday for next week, which I could do.

So in the space of one week, I had transferred most Saturday students to a Sunday, moved two Thursday students to Sunday, moved two missed Sunday lessons to next Tuesday then also rescheduled a next Saturday to the Thursday of the same week.

Phew. I think it all worked out well considering. I get to try this all again when the Tough Mudder event happens in April.


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