Too ‘charming’, really?

It hasn’t been such a great week for me. My motorcycle’s rear tyre got a puncture and my house got burgled. I joked yesterday that with Cyclone Luci nearing Auckland that losing my roof would really sum up my week.

It wasn’t long before something else made my week even worse though… It turns out that after only two lessons, my adult student ditched me and is now being taught by someone else.

Ouch. It’s similar to the feeling of being dumped after two dates (not a very professional sounding analogy, but it’s the same kind of feeling).

All it said on the student stopped form from the office was that “Glenn is too impatient.”

Ouch. Something had to be amiss here and seemed like something I had to look into, so I gave her a ring just as a follow up in order to find out about the situation and see if there was anything that could be done…

…answer phone… so I left a message.

In this day and age of technology people somehow never talk to each other. I left a message and got a long text message back which ended saying I was welcome to call. I called, no answer, so had to leave yet another text, which resulted in three more texts.

Conversations via text, especially long ones, start to turn the experience into some kind of novel with two characters in deep conversation. Now, I’m not going to quote the entire conversation, but it turns out my student found me “…quite charming & felt self conscious playing and stuffing up haha!!!”


So I’ve gone from taking this self esteem hit from feeling like I’ve failed at reading the situation and not being able to adjust the lessons accordingly, to something entirely different. As she had also arranged a new teacher, there was no coming back from this one. At the end of the conversation I joked that I hope her new teacher was super ‘unpleasant’ so that she could learn heaps.

Well, I suppose this is one of the more unique ways of losing a student.


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