Breaking the schedule

There’s a recurring nightmare that I have, one where I totally forget that I’m supposed to be teaching and that my students are wasting their time waiting for me to show up.

That happened today.

I showed up at 5:30 pm to teach as I usually do and a student of mine was waiting for me; I’d completely forgotten that because he couldn’t come this Saturday, that we’d arranged for him to have a lesson at 5 pm the following Thursday… meaning today.

Usually I write this stuff down. In fact, I’d made the same 5pm arrangement with a different student the week before. What was different this time round? Well, his last lesson had finished hastily because the next student was early and one of their parents wanted to speak with me. It all became a rush and I never wrote down the change of lesson time. It’s like at that point, I’d completely forgotten everything. pooffff, gone.

So I showed up just before 5:30, saw my student waiting in the foyer and I got that horrible oh, no, feeling as the realisation dawned that I’d just made a monumental stuff up. I felt terrible. These are the moments where the mind gets bombarded with several thoughts at once; “I’ve just mucked around this student,” “how did this happen?” “what a stuff up”, “what do we do now?”

There was nothing that could be done, of course. This week I had a 5:30 student and all I could do was apologise profusely. The student seemed cool about it, “don’t worry” he said. At least he lived locally.

Oh man, what a horrible start to the evening.


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