Recurring Nightmare

I have a recurring nightmare that has me forgetting to show up for teaching. I don’t get it frequently, thank goodness, but it happens enough.

I suppose it only made sense that it happened again this week because I rang all my students up in order to prepare for the commencement of lessons for the new year. I started a week earlier that planned because I had two parents text me inquiring as to start times. In fact, one parent actually texted me on Thursday last week to apologise they couldn’t come that day because their son was still away on holiday! That was a close one because it almost implied they would have shown up otherwise.

I figured teaching a week earlier was a good way to get away from the computer screen so I rang everyone up in preparation for starting again. Thankfully and somewhat surprisingly I got a 6 out of 11 turn up, which is a really good result compared to previous years where often students are away or just simply don’t want to come until school starts in February. Next week it should supposedly be 8 out of 11.

In regards to that recurring nightmare; it comes true in the form of double booking or forgetting I organised a 30 min earlier start time.


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