Work Hazard

While the U.S. bleats on about health care reform, New Zealand, thankfully, has it’s own universal ‘no fault’ accident coverage that works just fine. The Accident Compensation Corporation is a government entity of which we all pay into via tax on our earned income. If we come a cropper, the ACC will not only pay for treatment to your injury but will compensate you for a large portion of you income while you’re off work.

Good luck getting something like ACC working in a place like the US with its litigious culture and anti-democratic-socialist morons in Congress. The whole point of ACC is it’s ‘no fault.’ If a neighbour slips and breaks a leg on my slippery driveway, I won’t be sued and the neighbour will be patched up at no cost to them.

What has this got to do with music (and clarinet playing).


I went to the dentist and the hygienist noticed some very fine cracks in my top teeth that she could only see with the light at a particular angle. I’m pretty sure I’d noticed them before but I just figured I was getting old and teeth just did that over time.

“Cracks don’t happen like that naturally, they’ve had some kind of trauma.”

Not being someone that gets into fights or gets smashed up playing rugby, there was only one thing that stood out as a possibility for the cause of the cracks.

Teeth versus clarinet mouthpiece.

On occasion, likely from sheer absent mindedness, I’ve gone to put my clarinet in my mouth and completely missed. It sounds completely absurd but it happens and the result is smashing my mouthpiece against my top teeth. Those tiny chips at the top of my mouth piece aren’t there from dropping it, those are from full on dental collisions.

It turns out that my teeth didn’t get away scot-free after all and now I have teeth with trauma.

In comes ACC.

At the behest of the hygienist (and the actual dentist who was brought in to confirm her suspicions), X-Rays were taken and I filled out an ACC form to explain how the injury came about. A few days later, the ACC sends back it’s fantastically consistent replies.

“…We’re sorry to here about your injury…

“Based on the information provided, we’re pleased to confirm  that we’ve accepted your injury for cover.”

And this is why ACC is freakn’ awesome. It’s not so much about the current trauma, it’s that, now that a claim number is against this injury, any subsequent flow on damage that occurs, say, if the teeth completely crack and cause (as the dentist said) a $3000 bill, I’m covered. Phew.

And I know the system works. In 2001, at the age of 17, I had repair work done on a chipped molar courtesy of a tackle I made while playing bull rush (dental for under 18s is free in NZ). 15 years later, that repair work chipped away a bit and it was (because the claim number existed) fixed by the dentist free of charge.

Hurray for my taxes doing what they’re supposed to do.



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