The First of Many?

This opening sentence is evidence that I’ve ticked off another thing from my todo list. “Make a web journal” I’ve been telling myself. Since my name is all over the internet anyway, for anything from forum posts, to articles published at the University of Auckland, I figured it was time I contributed something a little more constructive. As a part time clarinet and saxophone teacher for 11 years, and a c++ software developer for 4 1/2 years, one would think that I’d have something worthwhile to share. So here it is, the start of what I hope to be a slow but ever accumulating resource of experiences that I hope will be useful to those treading a similar path to myself.

It may turn out to be a strange mix to satisfy two of my professions in one blog but hopefully along the way there will prove to be some cross over. After all, music is physics and and physics is math and there is a lot of math in software.

I’ll admit that this desire to write has come about after reading material written by Joel Stolsky, the author of If there is one thing that resonated with me, was essentially that we don’t practice writing enough. The idea of putting thoughts to paper in such a way as to not bore the reader senseless, which is so important for writing technical specs and documentation. Time to discover the literary comedian in me. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

So what’s first. Well, I slaved my sanity off to the gods of linker errors and finally managed to swig to work so that I could generate some lua binding to a basic C++ class ( Some mistakes seem so obvious after they’re solved. Now I just have to get a decent style sheet for this wordpress account so that I can show some code blocks.


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