No. 40 from Progressive Studies for Clarinet book 2

It’s been difficult keeping my YouTube video releases happening because of all the other non work related activities recently. There was finally an overseas trip, the West City Concert Band played at the NZCBA festival, and of course there’s a bunch of running events to go to, and Chartopia to work on.

The consequence being that, even if even if there is a bit of spare time to whip up a video, the energy levels aren’t there to take the plunge.

But I finally got a video up that I’d been meaning to do for ages. I’d previous recorded number 40 from the Progressive Studies for Clarinet book 2 a few weeks ago, but I played it way too fast. Given that I’m trying to teach it, playing it too far beyond its prescribed moderato tempo didn’t seem a good idea. Admittedly, I was having too much fun with it to even realise I’d gone way beyond the tempo directions, presuming it was one of those kind of technical studies that implied that you ramp up the speed.

After the disappointment of realising I needed to record the video all again (and doing one take videos is hard work), I then re-recorded only to listen back and notice I’d played a certain note wrong all three times! I’ll admit I was pretty annoyed because I’m supposed to be the one setting the good example, but from this came an opportunity. I wanted to “declare” that the mistake was known about, so I learnt how to use the keyframe feature in DaVinci Resolve in order to do a simple animation of a “Wrong Note Alert!” image. I also learnt about some other features along the way which will hopefully stream line some of my video editing efforts in the future. DaVinci Resolve: yet another tool to learn; add it to the todo list.

See if you can spot my declarations.


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